Fidget Spinner High Score

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Fidget Spinner High Score is an engaging fidget spinner simulation game that puts your spinning skills to the test. In this game, players have the opportunity to customize their fidget spinners with various styles and upgrades. The goal is to achieve the highest spin count possible while earning coins and unlocking new features.

How to Play Fidget Spinner High Score:

  • Customize Your Spinner: Start by choosing your preferred style for the fidget spinner. With a variety of options available, including colors, patterns, and designs, you can personalize your spinner to match your preferences.
  • Spin Your Spinner: Once your spinner is customized, it's time to start spinning! Use your finger or mouse to swipe and spin the fidget spinner on the screen. Each spin counts towards your total spin count.
  • Earn Coin Rewards: As you spin the fidget spinner, you will earn coin rewards based on the number of spins completed. Spin the spinner at least five times to receive your initial coin rewards.
  • Fill the Bar: Keep spinning the fidget spinner to fill up the bar displayed on the screen. If you manage to fill the bar, your next coin rewards will be multiplied, allowing you to earn more coins with each spin.
  • Upgrade Your Spinner: Use the coins you've earned to upgrade your fidget spinner. Increase its maximum speed and smoothness to enhance your spinning performance and achieve higher spin counts.
  • Set Your High Score: Challenge yourself to achieve the highest spin count possible and set your high score. Compete with friends or aim to beat your record with each spin.
  • Have Fun: Enjoy the satisfying spinning action and addictive gameplay of Fidget Spinner High Score. Experiment with different spinner styles and upgrades to discover the optimal spinning strategy.

Fidget Spinner High Score offers a fun and relaxing experience for players of all ages. Spin your way to success, earn coins, and upgrade your spinner to reach new heights in this entertaining simulation game.

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