Zooplop (Suika Game)

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Zooplop is an engaging merge puzzle game that challenges players to strategically combine falling animals, progressing through various stages of fusion to achieve the grandeur of a majestic whale. The game boasts a diverse array of creatures, each offering unique combinations and evolving into more complex forms as the fusion adventure unfolds.

How to Play Zooplop:

 - Unexpected Animals: Animals fall from above uniquely. Your objective is to combine them strategically to create larger and more attractive creatures.

 - Combining Creatures: Combine identical animals by placing them next to each other. Witness the transformation, as a pair of mice turns into a yellow chicken and further evolves into larger and more complex creatures like crabs.

 - Ultimate Goal – The Big Whale: The pinnacle of Zooplop is to create a majestic whale with the largest body size, aiming for the highest score possible.

 - Controls:

  • Release animals: Press and hold the left mouse button, then release.
  • Movement: Use the A/D keys or the left and right arrow keys.
  • Drop animals: Press the space button or the S key.

Zooplop promises an exhilarating and charming merge puzzle experience, inviting players to dive into the world of cute animals and strategic fusion. With its captivating visuals, endless fusion possibilities, and accessible gameplay, Zooplop is set to become a favorite among gamers seeking a delightful and challenging puzzle adventure.

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