Draw To Toilet: Line Drawing

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Draw To Toilet: Line Drawing is a delightful and humorous drawing game where players must guide characters to the restroom by drawing lines for them to follow. The objective of the game is simple: prevent characters from experiencing embarrassing accidents by guiding them safely to the correct toilets. With its intuitive mechanics and charming graphics, Draw To Toilet offers a refreshing and entertaining twist on the traditional puzzle genre. Players must carefully plan their moves and consider various factors to complete each level and progress through the game.

How to Play:

Prepare to embark on a wacky adventure with Draw To Toilet: Line Drawing. Here's a guide to help you navigate the challenges and guide characters to relief:

 - Match Characters to Toilets:

  • In each level, characters have specific restroom requirements based on their gender.
  • Match characters to the correct toilets, ensuring they use either unisex facilities or restrooms marked with their gender.

 - Draw Lines:

  • Use your finger or mouse to draw lines on the screen, guiding characters from their starting point to the restroom.
  • Draw carefully to avoid causing characters to bump into each other or into obstacles along the way.

 - Avoid Accidents:

  • Be cautious not to create paths that lead characters to collide with each other or with obstacles.
  • Accidents will occur if characters bump into each other or obstacles, resulting in embarrassment and failure to complete the level.

 - Complete Levels:

  • Successfully guide all characters to the restroom without any accidents to complete a level.
  • As you progress, levels will become increasingly challenging, requiring strategic thinking and precise drawing skills to succeed.

 - Unlock New Challenges:

  • Progress through multiple levels, each featuring unique obstacles and puzzles to solve.
  • Unlock new challenges and test your skills in a variety of scenarios as you advance through the game.

 - Enjoy the Humor:

  • Embrace the quirky humor and amusing character animations as you guide them to relief in Draw To Toilet: Line Drawing.
  • Laugh along with the characters as they navigate through challenging situations on their quest to reach the restroom.

Draw To Toilet: Line Drawing offers a fun gameplay experience that combines strategic thinking with humorous scenarios. With its intuitive mechanics, charming graphics, and engaging puzzles, the game provides hours of laughter and enjoyment for players of all ages. Embrace the challenge, guide characters to relief, and conquer each level in this hilarious and addictive puzzle game!

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